15 *NEW* Products

After having postponed the Spring Release a few weeks, we are excited at Will Fashion to announce the addition of 15 new products to the mix!
This release includes; a new collection, 3 new product types, new colorways of the original WAVES T-shirts and ROSES Hoodies and a FREE secret item hidden on the webshop.


The CLASSIC Will Fashion hat has arrived in two mesmerizing colorways; pink and sky blue.


The new collection, TRACKS //, features the first sweatshirts from Will Fashion in 4 beautiful colorways.


Along with sweatshirts, the TRACKS collection also features the first joggers released from Will Fashion in the same 4 colorways as the sweatshirts.

🏁 TRACKS // Collection 🏁

The Spring Release features a brand new collection from Will Fashion, the TRACKS // Collection.
Dominated by the checker pattern, the TRACKS products amplify the true streetwear feeling. The TRACKS products come in 4 different colorways in both sweatshirts and joggers to complete tracksuits.


The Spring Release features the original ROSES Hoodie in 2 new incredible colorways.


The Spring Release features the original WAVES T-shirt in 2 new incredible colorways.

Last but not least…


We have hidden the golden t-shirt somewhere on Will Fashion’s webshop! The first person to find it, get’s it for FREE! No catch! 🙌
Only 1 person can claim this reward, so be FAST! 👊
Good luck!

02 / 05 / 2021